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Increase IQ
Looking for simple ways to boost your IQ? IQ takes time to increase even by 2 points. However, you don't need to search endlessly, as we shall examine simple but practical ways to facilitate intellectual boost.

1. Take standard physical exercise:
This will enhance bloodflow and oxygenation in the brain, and great general psychological wellness.

2. Ensure you get enough rest: Numerous reviews have demonstrated that absence of rest can weaken mental capacity in the regions of sharpness, ability to focus, fixation, here and now and long term memory, critical thinking, response time, visual and sound-related keenness, et cetera - i.e. basically every range of mental capacity! Sleep is essential for keeping up great emotional well-being.

3. Eat a solid, adjusted eating regimen rich in 'brain nourishments':
Your brain needs certain fundamental supplements to perform at an ideal level, especially with respect to neurotransmitter-antecedents, electrolytes (i.e. salts) and fuel (principally glucose).

If you are a smoker, STOP!: The different poisons in tobacco smoke can impede mind work in different ways, and have been connected to long term cognitive decay.

4. Control your alcohol intake:
Drinking liquor with some restraint, particularly when joined with mingling, can be advantageous for mind work in different ways. Yet, over the top liquor utilization can impede brain work, both intensely and constantly, and may, in outrageous conditions, cause changeless intellectual hindrance.

5. Learn meditation:
Meditation has various demonstrated useful consequences for cerebrum capacity, for example, enhanced focus, ability to focus, inventiveness and sharpness.

Attempt shrewd medications, i.e. nootropics if you can get them legitimately. These are clinically demonstrated to help mental capacity in the regions of fixation, sharpness, memory, mental stamina et cetera.

Note: In case you are unsure about what your current IQ is, or just want to have some fun, use our online tool which is a psychometrically developed IQ test free and you might smile after completing the test. Are you kidding me?

6. Consistently open your mind to novel learning challenges: 
Taking in another dialect, melodic instrument, range of arithmetics etc. will advance neuroplasticity and flexibility.

Also, adapting any range of arithmetic, specifically, will most likely lift your IQ by a couple focuses; science is a brilliant mental exercise, and activities sensible, numerical, visual and different types of dynamic thinking, and in addition enhancing fixation and mental stamina.

7. Join a general learning test group:
This will enhance the brain's capacity for fast review of every now and again irregular, detached and cloud snippets of data. It is additionally an exceptionally friendly hobby in the organization of normally very savvy, intriguing individuals.

8. Develop relationship with clever, instructed individuals:
Try getting together with them routinely to stimulate discussion on an assorted scope of subjects. Through testing scholarly talk with smart individuals you will be presented to original thoughts and new viewpoints, and will take in the courses in which savvy individuals think and communicate, and these will frequently rub off on you.

9. Spend time on worth's worth it:
Watch a different scope of instructive TV programs, i.e. documentaries, verifiable movies and current undertakings programs, and be all the more segregating in your review for the most part.

This will enhance your general information and grow your conversational collection (and in this way your social certainty), and you may find new interests.

10. Read no less than one "genuine" book every week, and expand your reading:
This will enhance your vocabulary and verbal insight, and increment your general information and conversational collection.

11. Play a logically difficult computer game:
First-individual shoot-em-ups and hustling diversions are fine to hone your response time and practicing your trigger finger, however don't offer much in the method for mental incitement.
Want to have some fun? Use our

Pick a diversion that includes learning complex principles and systems, and requests an assortment of mental abilities. (I

Utilize brain training program that is demonstrated to enhance working memory and fluid intelligence. Most brain training game like this free IQ test are actually worth your time.
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1.     The primitive being or the hedonistic self(ID)
2.     The society (Superego) and
3.     The mediator (Ego)
The primitive being or the hedonistic-self(ID): As the name implies, the hedonistic self is primarily concern with pleasures anything other than pleasure it doesn’t want to know. As such the hedonistic-self demands that its’ demands and wishes be met immediately without any form of interference. Hence, anything that interferes with immediate gratification of the hedonistic-self creates dissonance or discomfort in the individual.
The society (Superego): This is an individuals’ internalize code of conduct; rules and regulations, norms and values of the society. It include the concept of right and wrong, i.e what is good and what is bad, hands down by the society to the individual. These internalize code of conduct form the bases for which an individual’s concept of morality is build. The Society(Superego) is always in conflict with the irrational demands and wishes of Hedonistic self(ID).
The mediator (Ego): the name mediator, come from what Ego does. It act as a mediator in settling the continuous conflict that occur between the ID(hedonistic-self) and Superego(society). The Ego is able to achieve this through the use of various defense mechanisms and its’ contact with reality. In other words, it is said that the Ego operates on reality principle, and that it is the site of rational thought.
An example to illustrate how the ID Ego and Superego work would be a boy of 12 years without a dime on him and who is hungry.
  ID: you need to eat now or else you would die
Superego: but you don’t have any money on you
ID: you can just take one of the breads over the counter and run
Superego: That is stealing and it is bad
Superego: if you are caught, you will be jailed, your name would be all over the news and even if you make it out of jail, your criminal record could stand against you getting a good job, or aspiring for any political post.
ID: but I am very hungry
Then the mediator comes in

Ego: instead of you stealing, and getting your name tarnished, why not walk over and meet the woman selling the bread, explain your plight and beg her for a bread.

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The sweetness otherwise known as fragrance/perfume has become an essential item that ladies generally are obliged to carry. This scent not only serves aesthetic function but also, it is an extension of an individual’s identity. Hence, picking the scent that blends with the identity(personality) becomes #1 agenda in other to avoid dissonance or excogitation and contemplations as to how awful one’s sense of fragrance is.

Choosing your fragrance is like choosing your clothing, the cloth you put on when going to an academic event would be different from what you would wear if you are going to a dinner, wedding, funeral etc, as the style and colors of your clothing speaks volume about who you are and about your internal state, so also is the perfumes you wear. In other words, as the kind of place or event you are going for differs so should the perfume you wear to those events differs depending on the identity you portray.

Below are some suggestions about what fit what when it come to the issue of perfume and personality

Active, energetic, and sporty/athletic
Those with this identity when choosing their fragrance might consider a fragrance with sweet aroma, such as citrus, lychee or better still cherry bloom. Also when engaging in an energetic event, an individual’s choice would likely be musk and cashmere aromas.

Those who falls within this category of personal identity typically appear/dress femininely and romantic, and like to watch emotional or tender movies. As such, they are attractive and found it easy to express love. The best choice of fragrance that match with appearance of a lady with this identity would be such scent as violet, rose, white amaryllis, botanical aromas etc.

In the event that you are a dynamic woman or an urban lady, it is prudent to go for one to the top aroma for women e.g, guerlain aqua,Irish flower scent, allegoria teazzura,  sandalwood or bergamot. These fragrances will offer you lively sweetness and makes you fascinating and free.

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The neuron is specialized cell in the nervous system that gathers and transmits information (neural impulses); it is a cell whose duty is sending and receiving information. The neuron is the smallest unit of life within the nervous system because it is at the cellular level of organization.

Parts of a neuron
Neurons generally speaking, have three (3) parts which are dendrite, cell body or soma body, and axon respectively.

Dendrite:  This is the branched part of a neuron that receives impulses and conducts them towards the cell body; it is the receptor part of a neuron which upon stimulation lead to action potential that is then move towards the cell body.

Cell body: This is the part of a neuron that contains the metabolic machinery that keeps the cell alive and functional. It is the part of a neuron that houses the nucleus and every other element needed by the cell for its metabolic activity.

Axon: This is the part of the neuron that convey the neural impulses to glands, muscles, or other neurons. It is the “output” side of the neuron and sends neural impulses to adjacent neurons. axon usually extend outward from the cell body like a wispy thread, and it divides into several branches at its end called axon terminals.

Types of neurons
Neurons usually comes in four type vis – a- vis; Afferent neuron, efferent neuron, Projection neuron, and interneuron.

Afferent neurons: Afferent neurons by nature are neurons that covey neural messages from both the internal and external environment of the body towards the central nervous system.

Efferent neurons: Efferent neurons are neurons that carries message outward from the central nervous system to the effector site such as muscles and glands. This neuron comes with long axon.

Projection neurons: Projection neurons are neurons that are neither afferent nor efferent, but instead they are neurons that link one are of the central nervous system with another. They achieve this due to their extremely long axon.

Interneurons: Interneurons are also neurons that neither afferent nor efferent in nature. Instead they help to connect neurons to each other.
Note: sometimes interneuron is used to denote both projection neuron and interneuron

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Different relationship experiences can lead to different developmental outcomes. Mary Ainsworth developed a theory of a number of attachment styles in infants in which distinct characteristics have been identified known as secure attachment, avoidant attachment,  anxious attachment and, later Main and Solomon (1986) added a fourth attachment style known as disorganized-insecure attachment.
Styles of Attachment
Secure Attachment:- The attachment figure responds appropriately, promptly and consistently to the emotional as well as the physical needs of the child. She helps her child to transit and regulate stress, and as a result, the child uses her as a secure base in the home environment. 
The child protests the mother's departure and quiets promptly on the mother's return, accepting comfort from her and returning to exploration.

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